Bekah's Harp Recordings

A Quick Note:

These were recorded using a Tascam US-122 interface connected to Garageband on my iMac. I used a transducer pickup (normally plugged into my tuner!) in order to grab the sound. It's not the best, but for a home-recording, I'm pretty happy with them.

In addition, most of the tunes are done twice within the same recording. The first is done on my Celtic/Folk floor harp - an Italian made Salvi Aida, 34 strings. The second recording is played on my double-strung lap harp - a Minnesota-made Stoney End double-strung 44 string Brittany.

The Water is Wide       This tune is a typical beginner's tune to help match left-hand with right hand. I also think it's a pretty sound. *grin*

Morning Has Broken       A familiar tune for most, I'd assume....

Slain (Be Thou My Vision)       A traditional Irish tune

Mairi's Wedding       This is a fun little tune that I canNOT play on my floor harp because the way this arrangement has been written, my fingers would get tangled up in each other in the attempt (though it could be amusing to watch!). This tune is only played on my double harp in this recording.

Avon (Martyrdom)       A traditional Scottish tune - as the title intimates, it's a slow and sad tune.

Annie Laurie - beginning only       This is just to show you what my new carbon fiber "Infinity" harp from Heartland Harps sounds amp attached - this is straight from the harp itself, recorded via iPhone as a "Voice Memo." SWEET!!!!!

My Folk Harp: A 34 String Salvi Aida       my Double-Strung Brittany Lap Harp

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