Galapagos January 2020

This was a very abbreviated trip - we (John, Katie and Barb) were booked for 10 days on the S/S Mary Anne, an 18-passenger sailing schooner, but only actually spent one day/night aboard due to an engine failure.  We were very disappointed of course, but Wilderness Travel really stepped up.  They refunded all of our costs, including the change fees for the return plane trip, and offered us a discount if we choose to rebook the cruise after the engine repairs are complete.

So I have just a few short sections: a day in Guayaquil on our own; two days in Puerto Ayora with the group and finally, our one day at sea.  We did pack a lot into those days and, as usual, I took WAY more pictures than made sense.  Many more photos are available to peruse without the commentary, but with labels, at this link.  You can enlarge any picture in this narrative by clicking on it - it will open in a separate window and in many cases, show detail you can't see in the small version.

Part 1: Travel and Guayaquil

This includes the beginning of the trip, our arrival at the hotel, and the first day we spent in Guayaquil.

Part 2: Santa Cruz

This section begins with our arrival in the Galapagos and 2 days spent on Santa Cruz island.  The first part was a planned portion of the tour; the next day was "killing time" while we waited for news about the engine repair.

Part 3: The Mary Anne and Floreana Island

This section includes the day on the ship and exploring all around Floreana Island before we got the news that the repair wasn't adequate and they were sadly cancelling the rest of the trip for safety reasons.

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