France - May 2019

In May 2019, we (Barb and John) took our first Road Scholar trip, "Impressionism Along the Seine."  Aside from the fact that we are interested in that artistic period, it was an experiment to see if a "group tour" was even plausible for us (John consistently says he "doesn't take directions well,") and, more specifically, if a longer river cruise might be something we could comfortably do in the future.  This itinerary started with a time in a Paris hotel (Part 1) , then we bussed to Honfleur and cruised back down to Paris over the course of ten days (Parts 2 and 3).

Each section will be illustrated with some pictures but I took WAY more pictures (as usual).  They are available to peruse without the commentary at this link.  You can enlarge any picture in this narrative by clicking on it - it will open in a separate window and in many cases, show detail you can't see in the small version.

Part 1: Paris

This includes the beginning of the trip, our arrival at the airport, and the first four days we spent in Paris.

Part 2: Normandy and the Seine

This section begins with our drive to Etretat and Honfleur and our cruise down the Seine to Rouen.

Part 3: Rouen, Giverny and Paris

This section includes the second day in Rouen, our day in Giverny and the final two days in Paris.

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