Danube River Cruise - Spring 2013

Katie and Barb took a Viking River Cruise (on the Prestige) from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary in late March/ early April.  This is the narrative of our trip. It's quite different than anything we had done before - besides the "river" angle, we typically just had a day or less in each city.  In some ways that was frustrating, but we understood ahead of time we would be getting only a small taste of each area.  I think we made the most of that time, though, and did LOTS of walking and picture-taking.  We stayed two extra days in Budapest, which is why it gets a section all to itself!   If you'd rather just look at pictures, or if you want to see more pictures than are used in this Trip Report, you can find lots of them, with captions, here.

Part 1: Germany: Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau

Part 2: Austria: Melk, Wachau Valley and Vienna

Part 3: Budapest, Hungary

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